Long-time Samsung user’s first 2 months with a Pixel phone


Let me start by saying that I’ve been a devout Samsung phone user since falling in love with the first one back in 2010.  In fact, my last 9 personal phones have been: Samsung Galaxy S Samsung Galaxy S II Samsung Galaxy S III Samsung Galaxy S 4 Samsung Galaxy S 5 Samsung Galaxy S 6 Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Samsung Galaxy S 7 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 I’ve had experience with many of the Nexus phones as well.  Each […]

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Are We Witnessing the Birth of Google OS?

In response to recent articles and gossip, I’ve been asked the following question by concerned individuals: “Is Google getting rid of the Chromebook?” The answer is quite simply, Absolutely not.  This week, it was reported by the Wall Street Journal that Google would fold the Chrome Operating System into Android.  This got everybody talking and wondering if this is the end for the Chromebook. Chrome OS is one of the most stable and secure operating […]

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Should I Buy a Smart Watch?

Ever since the days of Dick Tracy, or a few years later Michael Knight, talking to your watch or having it talk to you has been an exciting thought.  Many companies have tried to make this dream a reality.  In the 1980’s Seiko developed a number of watches followed in the 1990’s by IBM’s WatchPad.  In 1999 Samsung created the first watch phone.  I don’t have to explain that none of these watches had an […]

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